Why Choose Virginia Commercial Finance?

VCF understands the challenges associated with business loans and the need to easily access working capital.

With today’s current market conditions the access to working capital is becoming more and more difficult to obtain. We understand the challenges associated with small and middle market business loans and the need to easily access working capital. We will work with you to enhance your financing model, while you keep control of your financing decisions.

VCF is not your typical lender or a bank. We will be your consultative partner and find creative ways to improve your cash flow. This gives you the control to borrow only what you need, when you need it.

We PUSH IT Every Day.

We are committed to values and behaviors that set us apart.

Customer-Centric Culture.

We are dedicated to your business growth.


We provide flexibility in loan size and structure.

Unmatched Customer Service.

We make our relationship with you the number one priority. See what others are saying — read our testimonials.

Fast Funding.

Once approved, we are able to provide same day processing of financing requests.

Real People Answer Our Phones.

Responsive and accessible management and staff.

Custom Solutions.

We think outside the box to provide you, our customers, with the solution that best fits your needs.

Quick Approvals.

All approvals regarding your credit needs are made quickly by our leadership team.

Fewer Restrictions.

We aren’t burdened with Federal and State regulatory restrictions like traditional banks.

Contact us by phone, (804) 897-1200, or by email. We may be able to provide your business with the ability to grow and take advantage of additional money making opportunities that you may otherwise miss.