Why Choose VCF

VCF understands the challenges associated with small and middle market business loans and the need to easily access your working capital. We will find creative ways to enhance your cash flow, while you keep control of your financing decisions. Learn More

Who We Finance

VCF continues to partner with hundreds of businesses within a wide range of markets. Our flexibility allows us to work with companies and industries that typically have had difficulty securing bank financing. We are committed to your business growth and welfare. Learn More

What We Do

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For a quarter of a century, Virginia Commercial Finance (VCF) has provided custom financing to hundreds of companies. We afford companies the ability to grow their business and take advantage of additional money making opportunities that otherwise would be missed. Learn More

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If you have any questions, please call (804) 897-1200 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.VCF_GetStarted_CTA

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See what our partners and clients say about us.

“Every year VCF has been willing to provide seasonal over advances to our total line of credit to assist us through the tight periods.  I can’t imagine another bank willing to show the same trust and flexibility.”


Business Owner

“VCF clearly understands the many nuances and pitfalls associated with financing a corporate endeavor and was always very straightforward with me concerning both the perceived and real risks associated with our financing, without which our company would not have survived.”

A Former Client

Business Owner

“VCF, and their exam process, truly added value and helped us book the credit. VCF’s examiners allowed our bank to obtain a more thorough understanding of all aspects of the business and the specific credit request.The time they took to explain the collateral exam and key credit issues helped substantially in preparation of the report to the credit committee.”

A Commercial Banker

Senior Vice President

VCF allows you to focus on your business while we focus on your cash flow.

Partner with us today! Call (804) 897-1200 to schedule an appointment.