VCF Presents featuring Mr. Kenneth Marks

At the most recent VCF Presents, our guest speaker Kenneth Marks discussed how to increase the value of middle market companies. He undoubtedly has the gift of explaining complex processes and ideas in a clear, straightforward way. Marks generously gave away his latest book, “Value Levers: Increase The Value of Your Company From 3X to 7X”, to the entire audience.

His talk centered around how to increase the value of your company by understanding the fundamentals of company valuation and “switching on” specific Value Levers.

Marks shared his wealth of experience with proficiency, humility, and even humor. You can view Marks’ full presentation here. Please visit for additional resources. Whether you are preparing to sell, seeking to secure financing or simply looking for ways to grow your business, Marks’ presentation provides valuable insight to increasing the value and future success of your company. We thank you for reading this review, and we hope to see you at our next VCF Presents on September 21!