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The effectiveness of an effective antimicrobial agent depends on its effect at a single target site. It is the ratio of the potency at one site to the other that should be chosen. Each drug is classified into different classes based on its activity against specific targets. The potency of an anti-Bac therapy, to be approved, must possess the following ratios: Class 1 (S.P.) : Effective; Class 2 (A.)... read more

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Ether-drugs Ether is the most widely used drug used to treat severe infections, especially acute infections. It is the name given to the two-component drug used by patients. It is also known as a nonpathogenic antimalarial and as an anti-inflammatory drug; it also acts effectively in animals. The active component of its main active ingredient, chloramphenicol, also causes no ill effects on humans and other animals. It is administered... read more

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Antibiotic Resistance According to U.S. government statistics, about 1,700 of the world’s 10,000 drug-resistant organisms (RTEs) have been isolated and characterized by investigators over the past four decades. Antibiotic resistance is the most important threat to human health. Most of the drug-resistant organisms have not been discovered until the 1970s with only a few in the last quarter of the 1990s. As the rate of drug-resistant organisms increases, there... read more

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An empiric is administered by a physician for approximately a 24-hour period prior to any treatment planned for the period of the illness. Clindamycin is effective against anthrax. Clindamycin also provides a mechanism whereby clindamycin can be used against influenza, clindamycin over the counter. Other medications are used to treat infections or promote healing. (Antibiotics are commonly given to pregnant women for urinary tract infections.) Antibiotics may be administered... read more

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Public health warning. Antibiotics are not administered in an emergency. Because there is no antidote for an infection the patient may experience severe symptoms. These symptoms may include fever or joint aches. An antibiotic may only stop the spread of the infection or might kill or prevent a disease. Therefore, an outbreak of an infection can result in the deaths or serious physical injury of at least some of... read more

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Unfortunately, problems with erection occur in men of any age. It should be taken approximately 15 minutes before sexual contact. And this is what happens: the icalis vessels of the male penis expand, an increased buy cialis of blood comes to it and a stable erection is created. Frequent headaches. The man again begins to experience vivid and intense sensations. It can not be used by... read more