I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. — Robert McCloskey

Got Collateral?

We’ve all heard the term, “Cash is King.” It’s always an acceptable method of payment for any transaction. Whether you are paying for a service in your home or paying one of your business’ suppliers to complete a sale, understanding your business’ cash flow cycle is essential to successfully operating your business and securing necessary […]

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How Do You Differentiate Your Product Offering?

The banking industry is a highly competitive space. When it comes to lending, not only are you competing against other banks, but you’re also competing with alternative lenders. The inception and growth of financial technology companies have revolutionized the loan application process for business owners. Because you are operating in a highly competitive environment, it’s […]

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Getting to Know Your Credit Team’s Game Plan

In the world of extending credit to a borrower, the management and control of risk are essential to a banker. What does the business’ cash flow look like? Does the owner have sufficient equity in the business? What types of assets will serve as collateral? Is the business model structured to foster growth? If things […]

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Why A Fast ‘NO’ to Unqualified Borrowers Is Good Service

To a large degree, being a banker is about building and nurturing relationships with people who are seeking your assistance. With that responsibility comes the desire to tell your customers what they want to hear. That means that you will make every effort to get them approved for a loan with your bank. Even though […]

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Creative Financing Solutions through a Working Capital Lender

In the world of credit, every institution has a different risk appetite and set of parameters in which it operates. Given how broad and diverse the market universe is, it would be difficult to find a single bank with the ability to offer a product to match the need of every given borrower as it […]

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