We Have Much to Celebrate!

CelebrateI think we could all agree, business today is as competitive and challenging as it has ever been. Especially considering the recent trials of the economy, an anniversary of any length is significant and worth celebrating. All too often, don’t you find yourself asking, “Should we be celebrating our successes more often?”

Well, this year marks VCF’s 20th Anniversary of its co-founding by John McCauley in 1994. Since its inception, VCF has provided financing to more than 500 small and middle-market businesses in the Mid-Atlantic Region. VCF has also developed partnerships with dozens of financial institutions.

VCF has grown from providing working capital financing to providing specialized lender services, including collateral examinations and account monitoring for our community, regional, and top-ten bank partners.

We have partnered with many of you as an advisor and you have seen the measured outcomes. Each of you has played a key role in our success and growth. We thank you for your continued partnerships and appreciate your business and referrals.

Our logo, “Building Bridges to Success,” signifies our commitment to partnering with every customer, whether that is a borrower or bank partner, to ensure success by:

  • helping businesses bridge their cash flow gaps, and
  • assisting bankers by providing them with additional credit tools to successfully navigate through the risks inherent in their own credit lines and serve their own borrowers.

For 20 years, we have known our most valuable asset is the people that work here, all of whom live their life consistent with our five pillars of character: Humility, Passion, Unity, Servanthood, and Thankfulness. These attributes are what allow us to provide you with the quality service that has made us successful, year after year, as we have helped each of you succeed in your endeavors. We invite you to continue these partnerships with us and are excited to partner with many new businesses. Our success is measured by the way we help you, our borrowers and bank partners, succeed.

As VCF continues to grow, we are motivated by the opportunities that are before us, and are eager to discuss how we can continue to prosper together with you. We believe that our human capital, technology, processes, and capital base positions our firm to achieve even more during the next 20 years. Thank you for helping us to achieve this significant milestone! We look forward to celebrating many mutual successes in the future.