We Serve The Few Who Help The Many

Serving the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond.

We Serve The Few Who Help The Many

At Virginia Commercial Finance, we strive every day to fulfill our purpose of serving the few who serve the many. We are not your typical lender. We practice six foundational values from which all of our behavior is guided: Passion, Unity, Servanthood, Humility, Integrity, and Thankfulness. We aspire to serve by approaching business in a highly relational manner, as opposed to bearing a transactional mindset, and we would never provide funding for somebody who couldn’t use our money to take advantage of additional profit-making opportunities. We believe that relationships built on service and trust are what life is all about, and we express this in every aspect of our business operations.

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We have partnered with 500+ businesses over the years and have been privileged to witness the growth of those partners. As we continually seek to empower businesses to grow, we are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of American businesses. We believe that the United States is the land of opportunity, and we set out to prove that every day by helping business owners and entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunities before them. We seek to work with people who inspire us by challenging the status quo and succeeding despite all odds.

We have been partners to the underdogs in many uphill battles, and we have empowered many victories in the process. Whether it is your first contact with VCF or you’ve been a trusted borrower for years, it is our desire to get to know you and your business every step of the way. You will always be served with humility and kindness; it is who we are.