Accounts Receivable Financing

Can’t wait for your customers to pay?

Virginia Commercial Finance (VCF) will pay you today. Rather than waiting for invoices to be paid, Accounts Receivable Financing allows your business to get cash for completed work. VCF funds an invoice upon delivery and acceptance of service, eliminating the potential 30+ day’s wait for customer payment.

Cash needs may arise due to timing challenges, spikes in seasonal sales, or sudden growth. VCF’s Accounts Receivable Financing loans get your company through these tight times.

Loan Size

$250,000 to $2.5 Million

Prospective Clients

Companies in every sector of business as well as restarts, younger companies and more mature companies


Flexibility: Fund one invoice or ten – you control how much you borrow

Competitive Rates: Our discount fee is
as low as 1%

Fast Funding: Funding invoices is quick
and easy

For more information regarding VCF’s Accounts Receivable Financing product or to get started on maximizing your working capital, contact us by phone, (804) 897-1200, or by email. We may be able to help when traditional lenders cannot.