Which Comes First … the new business or the new hire?

Blog_-_VCF_1-1.pngYou know the story. Your employees are busy and they believe they can’t do any more. You push a little harder and they meet, and often exceed, your expectations. You put new processes in place. Teammates learn new procedures while maintaining their current workload. Priorities change and you have to keep the team focused on the bottom line. But how far can you push before important things start slipping through the cracks?

With all of this comes growth and opportunity. Employees and leaders of small and medium sized businesses have to keep many balls in the air at all times while wearing various hats. How do you know when that next ball added into the juggling act is going to cause them all to hit the ground? It is a delicate balance between having enough people to do the work and planning for the future. Your sales team is working hard and work is coming on-board. You anticipate the increase in sales will continue. How soon do you need to hire additional staff in order to meet the demands of further growth? This is a question that a leader asks every day. How long will it take to get a new employee trained? Does your current staff have the capacity to train someone new in addition to what they are already trying to accomplish every day?

As a leader, you are involved in the hiring process. Without the right people it is impossible for a business to succeed. Unfortunately, finding those people takes time and for most it is challenging. Who do you trust in your organization to bring you top candidates? Recruiting for required skills for the open positions is a must but what about culture? Does the candidate fit in with the dynamic that you have worked hard to build? Will they complement the employees who are already in place or will they create unnecessary disruption?

As you add new employees to your team, the goal is to add good people who have the knowledge, skills and abilities that your organization currently lacks. Everyone has blind spots and hiring people just like you isn’t usually the most effective way to help drive you and your organization forward. Bringing good people on the team who can fill the current gaps will make you and the organization better. But it’s a fine line between having the right number of people for the current workload and increasing staffing levels to prepare for the future. 

As a leader, can you afford to hire now in anticipation of the business growth you expect? Can you afford not to?

Virginia Commercial Finance has made hiring excellent teammates a priority. We are currently in search of the right people to join our growing family. Do you have what it takes to take us to the next level? Check out our careers page at www.vcfnow.com/careers