VCF Industry Experience

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Southeast Plumbing Parts Distributor



Southeast USA

Problem: This distributor was growing at a pace that their bank could no longer keep up with. Because of the quick growth, the distributor was seeking a larger Line Of Credit (LOC) to help them secure new business opportunities.

Solution: VCF provided the distributor with a LOC and within the first year, the company grew their total revenue by over 50 percent, from $5.1 million annually to $8.1 annually.

Mid-Atlantic Lumber Wholesaler



Mid-Atlantic USA

Problem: Members of a family-owned lumber wholesaler realized an opportunity to acquire a lumber processing business but they were unable to secure traditional financing.

Solution: VCF provided the lumber wholesaler with ongoing capital support, enabling them to grow sales by $2.6 million in their first year alone.

Mid-Atlantic Temporary Staffing Service


Service Provider

Mid-Atlantic USA

Problem: This temporary professional staffing group decided to branch out and start a new business. Despite having over 125 years combined experience in the industry, they were unable to find financing for their startup.

Solution: Based on their industry experience, VCF was able to provide a LOC for hiring temporary staffing, which led from no revenue to producing $5 million in the company’s first year.

Northeast Health Products Manufacturer



Northeast USA

Problem: This 15-year-old company changed its business model in order to take advantage of different growth markets. To do so, they required financing to put business model changes into effect, but their lender would not work with them.

Solution: VCF was able to supply the manufacturer with the necessary financing to transition to the new business model, allowing them to grow from $125 million to $156 million in annual sales.

Mid-Atlantic Printing Company


Service Provider

Mid-Atlantic USA

Problem: This printing company–run by a professional with over 30 years of industry experience–was adversely affected by market conditions. The company was unable to secure traditional financing to take a new sales approach.

Solution: With an understanding of the unique opportunities present, VCF was able to recommend and provide a creative financing plan. Through this approach, the printing company grew its revenue from $4 million per year to over $8 million per year.

Mid-Atlantic Healthcare Provider


Healthcare Provider

Mid-Atlantic USA

Problem: This company provided skilled healthcare professionals and was outgrowing their bank’s ability to provide them financing to fully support their growth and expansion.

Solution: VCF was able to offer a larger LOC so the company could provide services across a broader range of applications. The financing allowed them to continue expanding, leading to growth from $9.6 million annually to more than $15 million annually.

Northeast eCommerce Retailer



Northeast USA

Problem: This closely held eCommerce retailer was experiencing strong annual growth but was unable to secure traditional financing to support it.

Solution: VCF provided an innovative LOC to support their growth, allowing the company to purchase inventory and support their retail efforts. As a result, annual sales went from $44 million to $115 million.