Witnessing Greatness

Laurens_Party.jpgThere is something innate in all of us to achieve greatness and to celebrate it when we see it. We gravitate toward the amazing and rarely think about the tenacity it takes to achieve it.

At VCF we have witnessed the greatness of one of our teammates, Lauren Yasi. Over the last year she has lost 100 pounds and has literally transformed her health and life. As we have taken a step back to see her dramatic transformation we are in awe of the enormity of her accomplishment! Her weight loss was subtle since we saw her day in and day out. The commitment she demonstrated was consistent, daily, and quiet. Through the wellness program at VCF, Lauren committed to getting healthier.  In talking with her she will tell you that she didn’t set out to lose 100 pounds, she set out to lose 10…then another 10…and another.

In gaining perspective of her amazing story (click here to watch her story….) we realize that we witnessed greatness, but to be honest we didn’t see it happening.  

The lessons we have learned are that greatness is not loud or self-promoting. It is rooted in a daily commitment to get better and to move the needle forward even if it often goes unnoticed. She was given an opportunity to change her life and in so doing has influenced all of us. We find ourselves reading the packages of our food and becoming more aware of how we are fueling our bodies. We are more mindful of exercising consistently and staying fit.  

We are all grateful for our corporate membership to ACAC that provides us with a great gym and a fantastic staff. ACAC gives us the tools we need to be successful and Lauren has certainly provided us with motivation.

Those that are truly great lead by their example not their words. They focus on smaller, tangible goals. They embrace the encouragement of others and eventually they themselves are surprised by their own greatness.

Watch Lauren’s amazing story and realize that becoming great takes time, tenacity, and a team. Greatness is in each of us. Are you willing to take that first step toward your own greatness? We hope Lauren’s story will motivate you as much as it’s motivated us and help you move one step closer to achieving your goals, whatever those may be.